The Graham Audio LS8/1 Reviewed....

Tony from Phonostage Audio gets to grips with the Graham Audio LS8/1 and also pitches these against some old favourites of his own as well as some other Graham Audio classics! Don't you want to know what these sound like next to a pair of BC1s??


Oh - by the way, before the sharp-eared amongst you get on the comments train ( I wouldn't blame you... I'd be right on it!!)... I did refer a couple of times in the video to the LS6... I meant the LS3/6!!! It's the pressure... It's not enough of a gaff to bring Dennis Norden back! ( I know, I know, Dennis is sadly no longer with us).

Now back to business:

Enjoy the video and of course If you want to know more about the LS8/1 you can as us we might be persuaded to part with a set!!! And you can also ask us any questions of course…

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