10 HiFi Rules You Should Definitely Stick To!!!

SO after years of philosophising and reflecting in those long winter evenings with Dire Straits carving itself a new groove, I finally managed to compile my thoughts into something that makes only intermittent sense. This has now formulated itself into '10 HiFi Rules You Should Definitely Stick to!!!'

Now when this does make sense it really does ring true! So stick with this one.. there is something in here for everyone!

0:26 Introduction - or The Golden Thread
5:52 Turntable Abuse #1
8:00 Don't Listen to Snake Oil - Or Snake Oil Dissenters!!!!
12:15 Don't Live Your Life By The Reviews
14:29 Don't Let Your Speaker Move (note to self... show demo!)
18:00 Keep Your Records Clean -And Why It Matters
22:33 Remember The Law Of Diminishing Returns
25:27 Remember The Aged Have A Lot To Offer Too!
29:13 Remember the EQ Of Life
31:27 NEVER GO FOR 100% (There is no such thing)
35:31 If You Can't Buy The Best, Don't Buy The Worst

Yeah I know - there are 11 here.. But we are rock 'n' roll after all....

Thanks all...

Oh and by the way... here is the link to the Shure article I mentioned in the video:


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Thanks all