A gorgeous machine!

We have made a new video at last... 'The Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace Unboxing and Set Up'..  We have taken delivery of our new Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace turntable complete with 'Ace Space' 222mm Tonearm. Every part of this is a work of beauty, form meets function. It's terribly impressive engineering I loved getting it out of the box.. so of course we just had to get this on video to share with you all..

If you have any intention of buying one of these - or are even just thinking about it then don't hesitate to get in touch. I can tell you all about how it is to set up and how it sounds. In fact we had this set up as part of our demo system at the North West Audio Show in June '22 and got a 'Best Sound' vote when we were playing Eric Clapton (I think) on this very deck through a nice pair of Graham Slee Proprius amps.

So - enjoy the video. It's quite long but this is not something you just tip out of the box upside-down then flip it over!! 

 'Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace Unboxing and Set Up' 

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Phonostage Audio



0:00 Who are we and why are we here!

01:30 Introduction - the Hyperspace

05:35 Unboxing and setup - the plinth

08:51 Unboxing and setup - the chassis

12:55 The Ace Space Tonearm

14:36 Tonearm Closeup (nice!)

19:13 The platter unboxed

23:45 Platter installation

26:31 Hyperspace closeup assembled


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