More info about delivery and timescales

The following statuses can be found when you are seeking to place an order with us:


  • In Stock: This refers to products which are in stock on our premises and can be dispatched within 1 working day in usual circumstances. The majority of all parcels are delivered by a major courier on a next day service.


  • Available for dispatch: This refers to items which are held by our distributors and which can be sent directly to our customers. Shipping is usually within 1 working day with an expected delivery aim of 1-3 working days.


  • Available: This refers to products that we don’t always hold here on the premises, however they are available at our UK Suppliers and can usually be shipped within 2 working days. Some products do need to come to us first as a condition of our dealer and warranty arrangements and will therefore take a little bit longer. The estimated delivery timescales in these cases is 3-5 working days although realistically we can often get products out to you faster than that.


  • Contact us to discuss availability: For the most part this refers to new products or special order items, though can also be applied to items where something is known that can affect supply or notably affect timescales. In these instances if it is a product you are interested in please don't hesitate to email or call us and we will find out all we can.


  • Not Available: This refers to items which are neither here or at our suppliers. We will endeavour to publish information about known timescales for such items - and you can always drop us a line and ask us if you like.



A further note on availability.


In the current economical climate - and with the current distuptions to world markets and goods movements, some products are not available without some degree of waiting.  Distributors and suppliers have many outlets and also are responsible for keeping their own stock systems up to date in a timely fashion. On occasion there has been a discrepancy between what we are advised is available and what is actually available at a moment in time. Should this be the case when you place your order then we will endeavour to provide you with revised timescales and where necessary provide alternative product options and we will do what we can to fulfil your order in a satisfactory manner. If we are unable to fulfil the order for any reason then you will of course receive a full refund and our apologies - also you can request that we add you to our mailing list so that you can be advised when the product does become available again.



You may see some products listed as ‘not available’ for a long period. We are aware that some products will become available again at some point however not in the immediate future, so we keep those products listed until they become available and we welcome enquiries about any of them. If we can provide any useful information about timescales we will... In some instances item availability has also been impacted upon by Coronavirus and can relate (for example) to shortages in production or manufacture of specific components or ingredients (odd things like nothing in black for long periods due to availability of certain ingredients for manufacture).  It is probable that this is impacted by inconsistent staffing at every level from production to manufacture and distribution.



Please be assured that we always do what we can to get you what you want when you want it.. and we do have a great track record! However please be patient with us if the need arises, we are not giant box-shifters… we are a genuine family business supporting our local area and also embracing the wider world and we care very much about our customers. If you need any information about an order status or about availability of a particular product please let us know, drop us an email - you will get a prompt response, and of course you can always call us if you need to speak to a real human! There are no robots working here, not even one of those things that cleans the carpet!

For most parcels we have been using DPD and Royal Mail for our shipments and they have maintained a very high level of service - this is being constantly monitored so that we can keep our promises!


Thanks indeed





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