The industry of mortality has paved the way for a number of new start ups in recent years.

The objects we can now transform ashes into are innumerable; from diamonds to necklaces and even vases, bowls and cups, no matter what form you wish to preserve your loved ones’ ashes in, there is almost certainly a start up for that.

For us vinyl lovers, the end-of-life industry has sprouted an eye-catching business that may just take your fancy. And Vinyly have come up with an even more unconventional way of protecting the memories we fear we’ll forget, combined with the preservation of ashes.

The company offers the unique opportunity for those who have been cremated to be turned into a vinyl record. As well as containing the ashes, purchasers can choose whether they would also like to add a recording.

While the raw crackle of the ashes within the vinyl adds its own distinctive sound to the ‘silent’ record, choosing to underlay this with a personal recording can create an even more unique keepsake, as customer John Hobson discovered.

Hobson chose to include commonplace conversations and small talk in his record commemorating his late mother. Speaking to the BBC, Hobson said: "I think And Vinyly has undoubtedly helped to keep the memory of my mother alive."

Founder of And Vinyly, Jason Leach, claims the process wasn’t created with a plan to go commercial: "It was not intended to be a business. It was the result of having a bit of fun with what at the time felt like a shocking and disconcerting inevitability."

For those who wish to conserve memories for generations to come, this is a wonderful (if slightly eccentric) way of doing so. Leach added, "It makes the perfect family record, which can be passed down the generations".

Fancy leaving a record-shaped legacy? Visit And Vinyly’s website here.