This is a superb short film, made to promote the wonderful Graham Audio loudspeakers, however it is much more than that. This film gives a fascinating insight into how the history of British broadcasting and HiFi are inextricably linked, and how this is still very relevant today. We know times have changed - and back in the not too distant past the BBC had an almost unlimited budget to spend on design and research. Those days have gone but the investment that was made then is still very relevant today and forms part of some of the world's most revered HiFi products. It is no wonder we are proud to sell them here at Phonostage Records. And for me? Well I have seen the names Spencer and Derek Hughes crop up time and again over the years (in fact I have two pairs of speakers in front of me now, one designed by Derek and the other pair by his father Spencer!) and it is great to put a face to a name!

Check it here... Definitely worth a watch!